Anukash अनुकाश

Holistic Healer, Certified Bodyworker and Healing Yoga Teacher

Pranic Energy Healer with Healing Hands and strong healing presense

Life, Health and Relationship Coach

"Breath in and know good things will happen"

Writer, Blogger, Lecturer

Bodywork artist with profound Yogic body experience

Certified Massage Therapist - Thai, Lomi, Reflexology, Swedish, Hotstone

Expert in Dynamic Osteopathic Thai (passive) Yoga Massages

Expert in energetic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui VIP Massage Rituals

Specialist in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (NUAD)

Yoga Teacher for Astanga, Classical and Vinyasa style

Instant Pain Relieve Techniques practitioner

Energy Medicine Yoga, Healing Yoga for letting go of Physical and Mental discomfort

Alopathic cancer treatment support and accompaniment.

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Alopathic cancer treatment support and accompaniment.

I’m offering Accompaniment of people who have to undergo longer-lasting, medical treatments due to injuries or serious health diseases, such as cancer and chemotherapy, radiotherapy or certain types of rehabilitation.

Alopathic cancer treatment support and accompaniment.

I help clients affected by cancer at the energetic level to tolerate their medication much easier, with less physical and mental resistance and fear. My techniques are calming down the inner and uncontrolled turbulences and the discomfort and rumor felt in the organs during and after the infusions or radiotherap . This discomfort and these panic like feelings linked to fears and anxiety built up in the body during the treatment and even before is mindfully, energetically put at rest and calmed down.

As soon as the clients allow it to happen they feel the soothing and strengthening effects of my work immediately.
I’m going to balance the main energy centers towards enabling a steady, strong, healing flow of body fluids, hormones and energies and by inducing peace into body and mind allowing the client to find a deeply restful and healing sleep.

Preferably my supporting treatments should start already before the infusions take place, so trust has been build and the client knows already the effects of my work. It’s advisable also to dissolve major physical tensions, stagnation and blockages before treating the body with medications.

By means of Excellent, Effective and deeply Relaxing Bodywork and Lymph-drainage I am able to help removing in a relatively short time any physical and energetic stagnation, tension and blockades in the body in order to support the healing process optimally. I ensure that the clients body itself is sufficiently moved and flexibilized, even for such clients lacking motivation or the ability for physical activity which is very important for people undergoing the healing process be it allopathic or holistic.

I teach, inspire and motivate my clients to come into a high energetic vibration and to keep it up no matter what.

Hormonal balance is important for successfully undergoing the treatments with serenity.

With energetic balance within the main energy centres in the body also comes balance in the hormonal system. Usually chemotherapy and also radiotherapy aplied to certain areas of the body causes disbalances in the hormonal system. As I regularly balance the the main energy centres, which we call Chakras in Yoga and Ayurveda, the mayor hormonal glands come into balance since they are tightly connected to these.

The 7 main energy centres in the body.

So is the root chakra controlling the adrenal glands, the sacral chakra controls the ovaries and testes , the solar plexus controls the pancreas, the heart chakra the thymus, the troath chakra the thyroid gland, the third eye chakra the pituitary gland
and finally the crown chakra controls the pineal gland.

With the balance in the chakra system through Pranig Energy Healing all these glands come into balance, causing balance in the hormonal system, which not only greatly supports the healing process and serenity and mood of the client but also can effectively prevent early menopause in women or erectile disfunction in men.

I help my clients in case they suffer from pains of any kind, to accept that what is and to be with it and to energetically sooth it down usually to an level of ease and serenty or egalization. As a paradox, if we can be with what is, taking down our resistance towards it, if we are with the discomfort or pain, no matter if physical or mental, if we are with it from a secure place in us, then it eases and even leaves us sooner or later. I’m guiding my clients to that secure place within them which will help them also in the future to deal with any life situation or discomfort, without or less fear and resistance.

Nutritional advise I give will help my clients to optimally strengthen and balance their immune system and digestion process, to increase their appetite and to deal with infections, discomfort or irritations they already process, without cutting to much on their enjoyments for foods they like.

I teach my clients how to effectively avoid tension and stress in the body, and how to let go of hidden tensions they become then sooner aware of, on a regular basis. In the process I help my clients reconnecting to and accepting their bodies and we are going to build deep body awareness. With body awareness comes healing. I make them feel the healing happen.

Nature welcomes us, does not judge us. Nature helps us back into our natural healthy state ob being.

Physical activity like mindful walks and intention walks in nature and physically moderate active Healing Yoga, once or twice a week including deep relaxation and learning how to live in a restful and graceful state, helps building deep body awareness and acceptance.

Healing Yoga or a simple daily Lu Jong Healing Yoga routine will support the healing process tremendously and possitively affects the mindset, the energies, the mood, serenity of us.

We will introduce a simple daily 10 minutes practice with exercises out of “Lu Jong”, the Tibetan Healing Yoga, which effectively works on the facia, the energies and to open the fife elements in us. This “Lu Jong” practices are easy to to learn, physically moderate and even doable for totally inflexible or older people as long as they can stay on their legs and move their arms. For people with disabilies we adopt the practices to their needs causing the same or similar effects. Even for people confined to bed we’ll find a tailored moderate excercise regime which will support the healing process.

For open clients who want to get deep awareness of their energies, who want to learn to increase and balance and shift and transform their beautiful energies at will, I encourage them to take a Energy Medicine Yoga course with me where we going to deal with some basic aspects of Pranic Healing too.

“If only you can go through difficult times with inner Grace, every
situation you face will be an opportunity to enhance your life. ”

I help my clients to build the mindset for being healthy and to let the treatments happen with ease and serenity, knowing everything is working out well. From the very beginning of this supporting treatment we starting to build up a strong sustainable self-healing mindset. My clients are going to understand the importance of mental activity and thought patterns. With the help of those affected, I program their minds toward healing and health, not allowing anymore doubts and fears about successful recovery and getting back to fully take part in life.

In the process of the allopathic and holistic treatments and our supporting coaching sessions we usually get very fast to the core of what has caused the cancer in the first place and we are going develop strategies in order to make sure, that a cancer diagnosis can never ever occur for my clients again. Effective proofen healing modalities such as Transformative Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Tappping technique (EFT), and Access Bars (TM) will make sure my clients gain and stay in and live this mindset of health.

This post is also available in: deDeutsch

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